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About ecruit.

Our UK sales and IT recruitment service...

ecruit uses traditional recruitment agency techniques that have been honed over many years, to engage and attract the best talent in the marketplace. As a UK sales and IT recruitment service, we know exactly where the best candidates can be found online, and therefore where to place the right adverts in order to get the right applications.

We also appreciate that recruitment agencies need to start thinking more like digital marketing agencies. That is why we provide content to our community that is very specific to them, encouraging them to engage and interact with the business. Be sure to check out our interviews with respected sales and IT leaders and salary surveys for the sales and IT industry. 

By creating this community of like-minded sales and IT professionals, we can reach out quickly and efficiently to a wide market audience - most of which are open to exploring new job opportunities.

Recruitment today
The Challenge
The Solution: ecruit
Our Founder: Ben de Grouchy

Advances in recruitment technology such as advanced candidate management software and online job boards, have created seismic shifts in the recruitment landscape. Social media channels such as LinkedIn, and Twitter have also become increasingly important in the recruitment process. But, just as these technologies have empowered recruiters to operate with greater reach, they have also increased the amount to "noise" they now need to cut through.


Hiring managers are now trying to hire candidates directly in a bid to save costs, using job boards and LinkedIn. Whilst they have great stories to tell, they often lack the expertise required to cut through that noise and engage and hire canddiates to are also applying to other jobs. In the digital landscape of today, recruiters increasingly need to act like digital marketers to get their job adverts seen by the right candidates.


ecruit founder, Ben de Grouchy, realised he had the expertise to allow clients to connect with the top talent in the marketplace, and assist with their "direct hire" strategy by allowing clients to control the recruitment process beyond the candidate acquisition stage. ecruit provides clients with a modern, low cost recruitment solution that enables businesses to connect with top talent on the marketplace by getting the adverts


Ben has worked in the recruitment industry for 15 years, 10 of which were spent running his own recruitment agency business (DG Partnership) focused on the sales and marketing sectors. Building the business from scratch, he is known for working with brands such as Pepsi, L'Oreal, Unilever, Nestle, Innocent, Red Bull and a huge number of SME businesses as well. Clients value his high level of integrity, industry expertise, and the excellent candidate

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What our clients say ...

“We use ecruit to hire sales people at all levels. I'm particularly impressed that whether I'm looking for someone to man the phone, or a senior commercial role, these guys deliver.”

Nick Smith Managing Director, Salterns Marina

"Ecruit delivered a big response to our campaign (literally 100's of CV's) so I was very thankful that I only had to go through the relevant people after they had filtered most out. Saved me lots of time and hassle, great for busy people."

Tom Eerden Head of Networks, ClickLabs

"To all the team at ecruit - thank you so much all of your help with our campaign. Both of the candidates have settled in really well, and we will let you know as soon as we need more!"

Sarah Jeffs Sales Director, DataMixx

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