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Everyone is buzzing with the predictions of how AI will take over recruitment. The discussions are not about if it will happen but rather when. The question we’re aiming to answer here is: How will it affect HR Managers?

One of the biggest challenges of HR is screening resumes efficiently and time-effectively. Artificial intelligence in recruitment relates to the learning and problem-solving that a computer can do to the recruitment function. This aims to automate the most time-consuming parts of recruitment; repetitive, high volume tasks.

Screening resumes, shortlisting candidates and scheduling interviews - speeding up these parts of recruitment reduces time-to-hire and ultimately enable companies to hire better. This promise of better hire is in AI’s capability to match jobs to candidates’ experience, knowledge and set of skills. Hiring the right fit affects the whole company’s culture leading employees to be happier and less likely to leave.

However, it’s not all good news. The downside of all this is that in general, AI demands a lot of data to learn how to mimic human intelligence which means that hundreds or thousands of resumes will have to be screened. Also, since it’s an algorithm at the end of the day, patterns and behaviours can be detected and replicated meaning the huge problem of human bias isn’t solved.

The benefits and challenges could equal out but the implementation of AI and advanced technologies in all sectors is inevitable. However, for HR specifically, industry experts believe the future of AI for recruiting is Augmented Intelligence. Augmented intelligence is the belief that you cannot fully replace human capabilities through technology. Instead, augmented intelligence will allow recruiters to become more proactive in their hiring and help determine a candidate’s culture fit since recruiters will have more time to spend with candidates in-person and build relationships. Which means the role of recruiters will not be expendable anytime soon.

So, here are a few questions for you: What do you think? Would you invest in AI to help with your recruitment process?

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