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Cast your vote for ecruit’s launch advert


Cast your vote for ecruit’s launch advert A chance to win a £50 Amazon Voucher

As part of the promotion of ecruit Sales, we've been working on some creative advert ideas for our fixed-fee recruitment service and we want to know what you think! We have created two adverts and we wish to broadcast the best.

Our target audience is HR, Sales Directors/MD’s and Recruitment managers. Our team has cast their votes and we are split right down the middle (with some controversial commentary!)

We need your help to decide the winning ad.

Your Mission: Just take a look at the two 30 second ads below, and cast your vote for the one that makes the best impact on you: 'Good Candidates are Hard to Catch' vs 'Fighting the War for Talent'.

The Winner? You decide! Simply follow the ecruit company page and simply type 'Video A' or 'Video B' in the comments section here to cast your vote! (any comments you have, please share!).

Video A: 'Fighting the war for Talent'


Video B: 'Good Candidates are Hard to Catch' 

To stand a chance to win a £50 Amazon Voucher, simply follow this link and cast your vote for your favourite ad in the comments section.

Thank you to those that participated in our competition to identify the winning launch ad. This competition ended on the 31st October. Stay tuned as the winner will be announced shortly.

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