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Top 7 Employee Benefits In 2022


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Top 7 Employee Benefits In 2022 ...

In a candidate driven market, employee benefits play a huge role in being able to attract and retain the top talent. In a new hybrid working environment though, what are the benefits that really matter to employees in 2022?

Top 7 Employee Benefits In 2022



1. Flexible Schedule

Flexibility is a core benefit that employees look for. Offering a more flexible work schedule can help you widen your talent pool.

2. Healthcare

Healthcare can be expensive and so employer healthcare benefits can provide a competitive edge when trying to land top talent.

3. Remote Working

Remote working was on the rise before the pandemic but is now seen as essential perk that many employees put at the top of their wish list.

4. Creative Freedom

Employees want to work somewhere where they are free to express themselves and not be restricted by too many rules.

5. Mental Health Support

Mental health has been a key topic over the last few years and employees now expect employers to take a more active approach in helping them find a healthy work/ life balance.

6. Financial Support

Financial wellbeing is a big concern for many employees so offering support through financial advice and resources can help your employees improve their financial wellbeing.

7. Opportunity

Employees are looking for clear progression and growth opportunities. Offer a transparent path forward which will provide motivation and improve employee engagement.

Top 7 Employee Benefits In 2022 Infographic

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