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Our client testimonials.

Find out how we have helped companies save time and money on their recruitment

ecruit has decades of recruitment experience across a range of sectors. Our mission is to help companies hire the best possible candidates in a more cost effective way and we have been hugely successful in helping hundreds of companies reduce their cost per hire while attracting the best talent available. 

Below are some examples of our work. 

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UK Case Studies

Pink Squid ...


Pink Squid are an award-winning creative agency that creates beautifully intelligent employer branding and education marketing communications.

 They had previously used recruitment agencies but wanted to explore ways to reduce the cost per hire while still attracting the best people for the role. 

Utilising the ecruit Headhunter package they have filled 5 roles already, saving over £30k in recruitment costs so far. 


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Greater London Property ...


Greater London Property is an Independent Residential Sales and Letting Agency. 

They had become frustrated by overpriced recruitment agents providing poor quality candidates.

The ecruit Advertiser package provided Greater London Property with greater control over recruitment while saving them a huge amount of money. 


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Hallfield School...


Est. since 1879, Hallfield School is a leading independent school in Edgbaston, Birmingham. This private school educates children from 3 months to 13+.

Hallfield School were frustrated with costs associated with using recruitment agencies and the reduction in word of mouth referrals.

They also found recruitment very admin heavy with the time taken to create job adverts, respond to candidates and vetting applications.

Hallfield School purchased bulk advertising credits as this was more cost effective than purchasing individual adverts but liked the freedom to do both.

As well as the flexibility they also liked the reach of the job board package and the advice at the end of the phone or email to assist with tweaking the campaign.


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E-Zec Medical ...


E-zec Medical Transport service is a family run company focussed on delivering high quality, safe, effective ambulance transportation for patients to and from a healthcare setting.

E-Zec Medical has a constant need for Ambulance Care Assistants in different locations across the UK, as well as other ad hoc positions such as Controllers or operational staff.

E-Zec have saved over £38k in recruitment costs, increased volume of applications by 260% and massively reduced their cost per hire. 


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E-Zec Media Case Study Image Large

Ignifi ...


IGNIFI are an independent creative and digital agency which help build successful brands for some of the biggest names in healthcare and wellbeing.

IGNIFI were embarking on a period of planned growth but wanted to keep the costs down whilst still attracting the best people.

IGNIFI have saved 90% on recruitment fees whilst utilising our headhunter service to fill a specialist role.


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IGNIFI Case Study Image

Wireless CCTV ...


Wireless CCTV Ltd (WCCTV) is the market leading provider of redeployable CCTV, electronic site security, body worn cameras and time lapse video services.

Since October 2018, WCCTV have recruited 13 employees through us.

WCCTV received an average of 50 suitable applications per position, and purchasing packages of credits got their cost down even lower. WCCTV were used to paying 15-17% of basic salary for each recruit, but by using ecruit their costs per hire was lowered down to an average of £350.


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Wireless CCTV Logo

Bartech ...


For over 25 years, Bartech has created innovative in-room solutions for minibar operations. With Bartech’s proven technology focusing on guest satisfaction, intuitive management, and exceptional customer service, thousands of hotels worldwide have discovered that minibars can be profitable and efficient.

They chose the ecruit Headhunter solution as they had tried various traditional agencies, alongside platforms such as LinkedIn recruitment and had not been successful. 

They ended up making an additional hire due to the quality of candidates provided and saved over £18k in recruitment costs. 

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Bartech Logo

Boots Opticians ...

Boots Opticians Ltd. operates a chain of ophthalmic and dispensing optician stores in the United Kingdom. When Boots Opticians have a vacancy, getting it filled quickly with the best candidate is a priority. 

Boots decided to go ahead with the ecruit Advertiser package as they wanted to broadcast their advert to as many people as possible.

This ended up being much more cost effective than running the process themselves or using a traditional recruitment agency. 

They have since gone on to use ecruit for additional roles and are averaging around 180 candidates per campaign. 


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SW Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust ...

SWYT exists to help people reach their potential and live well in their communities. They do this through their mental health, community, learning disability and wellbeing services across Barnsley, Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield.

South West Yorkshire Partnership had become frustrated with a competitive recruitment market within senior management roles and those that are subject matter specific.

SWYT decided to utilise the ecruit 360 package which offers a combination of Advertising and Headhunting. They have since filled 8 roles, saving over £30k in recruitment costs. 

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SWYT NHS Case Study Background


US Case Studies


Nyrstar ...


Nyrstar is a leading manufacturer of zinc, lead and other metals and is committed to sourcing, mining and processing metals in a sustainable way.

Nyrstar were becoming increasingly frustrated with candidates ghosting them during the recruitment process.

They were also looking at ways to help improve the pipeline of candidates for the roles they had available.

Nyrstar have purchased multiple Advertiser credits from ecruit in order to increase the exposure for their job adverts and attract more candidates and have so far saved over $45k in recruitment costs. 


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Nystar Logo

Amphenol Engineering ...


Amphenol Aerospace Operations are a globally recognised manufacturing company. With their recent expansion, Amphenol realised that their growing recruitment needs were going to become very costly.

Through ecruit, Amphenol cut their cost per hire from $3000 to just $597 as well as saving them a huge amount of time and increasing the number of applicants per role. 


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Amphenol Logo

American Custom Meats ...


Located in the heart of the California Central Valley, American Custom Meats is a high quality, full-line, portion controlled further processor of beef, pork, and poultry for the Military, Retail, Foodservice, and School channels.

Over the last 2 years they have purchased over 60 job ad credits through ecruit, filling roles such as R&D Manager, QC Technician, Maintenance Mechanic and HR Generalist. 

They have saved over $90,000 through our fixed price advertiser package and ecruit has become their one-stop shop for posting open positions on the major job boards. 


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Community Loan Fund ...

The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund turns investments and donations into loans and education that create opportunity and transform lives across the Granite State.

New Hampshire Community Loan Fund wanted to find a solution that would help them find the right candidates while saving them time and money.

New Hampshire Community Loan Fund have purchased 11 job advert credits over the last 2 years and have saved a huge amount of time and money while attracting top talent.

ecruit has the ability to attract a bank of qualified candidates that many small organizations would not normally be able to attract.

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New Hampshire Community Loan Fund Logo

OneVoice ...

Founded in 2000, OneVoice Communications is a Global Virtual Network Operator (GVNO) offering a full range of connectivity services and solutions.

OneVoice Communications were looking to hire a Sales Executive but had found it difficult to source qualified candidates.

OneVoice Communications selected the ecruit Advertiser package as they felt it provided a comprehensive service.

They selected ecruit as it meant we did all the work - from writing the job ad, posting on relevant job sites and vetting the candidates that applied.


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Oceanic Global ...


Oceanic Global's core pillars of focus are designed to deepen humanity's connection to the ocean as the lifeblood of the earth, provide tangible solutions for resilience, and create a blueprint for coexisting in harmony with our natural world. 

They were looking for a way to save time and money on recruitment but still attract the best possible candidates. They selected the 360 package to help target passive and active candidates. 

They filled two roles and saved over $24,000 in recruitment costs. 


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Oceanic Globo Logo

INF Associates ...

INF Associates is a national turnkey energy services company specializing in EV supply equipment, energy efficiency, and other facilities capital projects. 

They wanted a central solution as they ramped up recruitment activity and went ahead with 10 credits of the 360 solution to allow them to attract the best possible candidates for the varied roles they had coming up. 

So far they have filled multiple roles and saved thousands in recruitment costs. Find out more by reading the case study below.


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INF Logo


Canadian Case Studies


Armada Data Corp ...

Armada provides Canadian auto industry data services to B2B & B2C auto industry participants (car buyers, sellers, insurance companies, OEM's, service garages etc.)

They found their biggest challenge was filtering applications to find the ones most suited for the role and needed a simpler solution with access to lots of applicants.

Armada selected the ecruit Advertiser package due to the cost of the package relative to the exposure on many ad boards. 

Armanda saved over CA$ 50,000 using ecruit compared to traditional recruiter. 

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Armada Logo


Ireland Case Studies


PV Generation ...

PV Generation is one of Ireland's leading suppliers and installers of high quality and effective Solar Solutions to businesses and homes.

PV Generation found it difficult to find the time to run a recruitment process when they are a small business with no one dedicated to recruitment. 

They also found the cost of using traditional recruitment agencies too high so wanted a different solution that would save them time and money but still deliver the best possible candidates. 

PV Generation decided to go with the 360 package as they wanted the best selection of candidates and the opportunity to have their advert on all of Ireland's biggest job boards. 

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What our clients say ...

We use ecruit to hire sales people at all levels. I'm particularly impressed that whether I'm looking for someone to man the phone, or a senior commercial role, these guys deliver.

Nick Smith

Managing Director, Salterns Marina

Ecruit delivered a big response to our campaign (literally 100's of CV's) so I was very thankful that I only had to go through the relevant people after they had filtered most out. Saved me lots of time and hassle, great for busy people.

Tom Eerden

Head of Networks, ClickLabs

To all the team at ecruit - thank you so much all of your help with our campaign. Both of the candidates have settled in really well, and we will let you know as soon as we need more!

Sarah Jeffs