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Our client testimonials.

Find out how we have helped companies save time and money on their recruitment

ecruit has decades of recruitment experience across a range of sectors. Our mission is to help companies hire the best possible candidates in a more cost effective way and we have been hugely successful in helping hundreds of companies reduce their cost per hire while attracting the best talent available. 

Below are some examples of our work. 

Pink Squid ...


Pink Squid are an award-winning creative agency that creates beautifully intelligent employer branding and education marketing communications.

 They had previously used recruitment agencies but wanted to explore ways to reduce the cost per hire while still attracting the best people for the role. 

Utilising the ecruit Headhunter package they have filled 5 roles already, saving over £30k in recruitment costs so far. 

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Amphenol Engineering ...

Amphenol Aerospace Operations are a globally recognised manufacturing company. With their recent expansion, Amphenol realised that their growing recruitment needs were going to become very costly.

Through ecruit, Amphenol cut their cost per hire from $3000 to just $597 as well as saving them a huge amount of time and increasing the number of applicants per role. 


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E-Zec Medical...

E-zec Medical Transport service is a family run company focussed on delivering high quality, safe, effective ambulance transportation for patients to and from a healthcare setting.

E-Zec Medical has a constant need for Ambulance Care Assistants in different locations across the UK, as well as other ad hoc positions such as Controllers or operational staff.

E-Zec have saved over £38k in recruitment costs, increased volume of applications by 260% and massively reduced their cost per hire. 

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IGNIFI are an independent creative and digital agency which help build successful brands for some of the biggest names in healthcare and wellbeing.

IGNIFI were embarking on a period of planned growth but wanted to keep the costs down whilst still attracting the best people.

IGNIFI have saved 90% on recruitment fees whilst utilising our headhunter service to fill a specialist role.


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Wireless CCTV ...

Wireless CCTV Ltd (WCCTV) is the market leading provider of redeployable CCTV, electronic site security, body worn cameras and time lapse video services.

Since October 2018, WCCTV have recruited 13 employees through us.

WCCTV received an average of 50 suitable applications per position, and purchasing packages of credits got their cost down even lower. WCCTV were used to paying 15-17% of basic salary for each recruit, but by using ecruit their costs per hire was lowered down to an average of £350.

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What our clients say ...

We use ecruit to hire sales people at all levels. I'm particularly impressed that whether I'm looking for someone to man the phone, or a senior commercial role, these guys deliver.

Nick Smith

Managing Director, Salterns Marina

Ecruit delivered a big response to our campaign (literally 100's of CV's) so I was very thankful that I only had to go through the relevant people after they had filtered most out. Saved me lots of time and hassle, great for busy people.

Tom Eerden

Head of Networks, ClickLabs

To all the team at ecruit - thank you so much all of your help with our campaign. Both of the candidates have settled in really well, and we will let you know as soon as we need more!

Sarah Jeffs