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Fixed Cost Recruitment for Finance Jobs.

Attract the best finance candidates with recruitment advertising campaigns, for as little as $995

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Driven by advancements in financial technology, new regulations, and changes in customer demand, the finance industry is evolving at an incredible rate.

Today, money is managed differently: paper-based processes are automated, account management can be done online at any time, businesses can analyse financial activity to make data-driven decisions, and much, much more. But while these technologies can help businesses generate revenue and grow, they need the right people to utilise them effectively.

As a result, businesses and their finance departments are no longer just looking for people qualified in finance, but financial service professionals capable of harnessing new technology, understanding complex regulations and managing changing customer demands. However, most are only just coming to grips with these challenges and, as a result, it can be a struggle to find the right people in an already limited talent pool.

Candidates, on the other hand, are looking for the best opportunities to suit their skill set but are not sure of where to begin as a lot of the best job roles are not advertised on generic job boards!

You are here because you want to acquire the best talent in the financial sector for your business but you need someone who understands the challenges you face and can get it right.

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Or maybe you are a financial professional looking for opportunities that best suit your skills. Finding the right business can be difficult if you do not know where to look.

Either way, we can help.

At ecruit, we not only provide fixed cost recruitment for finance jobs, helping businesses and their finance departments find and acquire the best talent at an affordable rate, but also help finance professionals to find their ideal opportunities.

For employers, our recruitment process is end-to-end, we’ll optimize your job ad, screen resumes and shortlist on your behalf, and our charge is a fraction of that charged by traditional recruitment agencies - 90-95% cheaper - allowing you to get top quality candidates at a great price.

For candidates, our job board features some of the most exclusive finance roles on the market, providing you with the best possible opportunities.

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ecruit’s fixed cost recruitment for finance jobs enables you to connect with the best finance candidates at a fraction of the cost charged by traditional recruitment agencies.




Looking to take the next step in your finance career? Want to apply to some of the best finance roles? ecruit’s job board features some of the most exclusive finance roles across the UK - your ideal position is just a click away!



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"To our campaign manager at ecruit, thank you for all your help with our campaign. We are very satisfied and look forward to running another campaign with you guys in the future!"

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“We were very satisfied with ecruit’s services. We had a great experience with our campaign manager, whom was very helpful and it was easy to use our candidate management portal!”

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