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Low Cost Recruitment Advertising
for Marketing Jobs.

Recruit the best marketing talent with our fixed cost recruitment service, for as little as $849

How ecruit works

At ecruit, we understand just how expensive the recruitment process can be. Instead of the steep costs associated with traditional recruitment, our low cost advertising for marketing jobs is provided at a fraction of the price, typically 95% less! As a team of recruitment experts, we know where and how to advertise your marketing job roles to get maximum visibility and candidate responses.

The role of the marketer has grown in importance as consumers and businesses alike move towards digital mediums. Today, social media, email, and other online channels are increasingly used by businesses to attract website visitors and generate sales inquiries.

In this process, marketers play a key role - utilizing these channels to help businesses reach the right customers at the right time.

You are here because you want to acquire the best marketing talent for your business - but you don’t want to pay an excessive amount in the recruitment process. You want a low cost advertising solution for your marketing jobs that will enable you to attract the best talent in the shortest period possible.

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No agency fees

You pay a one off fee for our low cost advertising for marketing jobs. No hidden fees. Ever.

Over 1,000 job boards

We post your marketing job advert to over 1,000 job boards, including the top job boards and industry-specific ones.

LinkedIn Advertising

For candidates who are not ‘actively’ looking, we can draft LinkedIn Adverts to attract more marketing candidates to your job role.

Specialist Marketing Recruitment Expertise

We know exactly how to craft and where to advertise your advert to get maximum visibility and attract the highest quality candidates

Where we advertise

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Reduce the time to hire without compromising on candidate quality...

At a fraction of the cost of a traditional recruitment process, ecruit’s low cost advertising for marketing jobs reduces time to hire without compromising on candidate quality. For a one off fee, you can advertise your marketing jobs on the top job boards and industry-specific boards. Also, we can manage the candidate acquisition and screening on your behalf, giving you more time to focus on interviewing.

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What our clients say ...

“To all the team at ecruit – thank you so much for your help. We are delighted to have offered a candidate from your pool a role today, which they have accepted!”


“ecruit are brilliant! We are so happy to have hired two people from the campaign in the end. They have yet to start so we won’t know for a while how they turn out but I am happy with the work you did and intend to start another campaign shortly (within the next couple of weeks)”

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