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Low Cost Advertising
for Office & Secretarial Jobs.

Recruit the best Office & Secretarial talent with our fixed cost recruitment service


At ecruit, our specialist low cost advertising for office and secretarial jobs can help you to find and recruit the best office and/or secretarial talent for your business.

How ecruit works

 Our services are 95% cheaper than traditional recruitment agencies and provide a comprehensive recruitment solution. You have complete control over the campaign and we can manage the process on your behalf; crafting job adverts, optimizing them, managing applications, screening resumes and shortlisting candidates for you.

The result is that you spend less time and money on the recruitment function and, instead, have an array of high-quality candidates to choose from; and you can hire as many of them as you want at no extra cost!

Getting the best office and/or secretarial talent for your business can be difficult if you do not know where to begin or do not have the time to manage the recruitment process yourself. What job boards are office people and secretaries always looking at? How do you engage with them?

Then you have to think about crafting job adverts, optimizing them, managing applications, screening resumes, tracking candidates, and shortlisting; clearly, there is a lot that needs to be covered and you may not have the time or resource to dedicate to this function.

You appreciate that office professionals and secretaries are essential to ensuring the smooth day-to-day running of your business, so you want someone to get it right for you.

If this is the case, arrange a call with us today to see how we can help.

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No agency fees

Our low cost advertising for office and secretarial jobs comes with no additional or hidden fees. You pay one fee per campaign and you can recruit as many candidates as you like from that single campaign.

Over 1,000 leading and specific job boards

We utilise more than 1,000 job boards, including leading and industry-specific job boards, and know where to advertise your job ads for maximum exposure and candidate response.

LinkedIn Advertising

We are the only fixed-fee recruiter that will advertise your jobs on LinkedIn. For a small additional fee, we can advertise your job to candidates on LinkedIn premium, enabling you to attract more high-quality candidates.

Specialist Office/Secretarial Recruitment Expertise

With ecruit’s office and secretarial recruitment expertise, we can help you to get the best talent for your business. We will tailor your job ad(s), optimise them, manually review each application by hand and provide you with a candidate shortlist. The result is an efficient, cost-effective end-to-end recruitment process that delivers you high-quality office and secretarial talent at an affordable rate.


Where we advertise

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High-quality candidates at an affordable rate...

Low cost advertising does not mean low candidate quality. Our team of experts can identify the best candidates for your business and put them forward to you for interview. With ecruit’s low cost advertising for office and secretarial jobs, you can reduce your expenditure on the recruitment process as a whole and minimise the amount of time you have to spend on ad distribution and screening.

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What our clients say ...

“We’ve used ecruit for 3 campaigns now. The process is quick, the portal is easy to use and the customer service is excellent. Highly recommend.” 

Liz H Harry Hall International Ltd

“We hired 2 admin assistants for £399 – that price speaks for itself. Fantastic recruitment model and helpful staff, we’ll be using ecruit for all future roles.”

Carl M TigerBay

“Amazingly quick turnaround: 2 hires within 3 weeks. I will definitely use ecruit again.”

Chris G Avensure Ltd