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Our online recruitment platform.

End-to-end management and visibility of your recruitment campaigns

Ecruit’s online recruitment platform is an easy-to-use, intuitive cloud-based system that provides job board multi-posting tools, candidate management portals and recruitment campaign analysis software, all of which is built to our clients’ requirements.

Our online recruitment platform streamlines the candidate acquisition, engagement and management process. The platform also provides our clients with sophisticated reporting, enabling them to deep dive into the performance of their recruitment campaigns and refine them based on quality data.

In addition, our clients can manage the entire candidate acquisition and management process from one central online recruitment platform, this includes creating branded email communication, filtering applications, ranking candidates, checking application status and much more.

Furthermore, with ecruit's sophisticated recruitment software, our clients can benefit from advanced analytics that enables them to easily track the performance of their job advertisements. This includes tracking candidate interactions, applications and analysing cost & time per hire – allowing the client to determine the best job boards to use.

With our online recruitment platform, our clients have a fully integrated solution that provides them with end-to-end management and visibility of every recruitment campaign

Job Posting ...

Spend less time posting and more time acquiring high-quality talent with our platform’s multi-job posting functionality. 

Our platform posts your job advertisements on multiple sites with just a click of a button, ensuring your job advertisements are up-and-running in no time and visible on the top job boards.


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Application Management ...

Manage candidate applications from our easy-to-use platform.

Our online recruitment platform collects all job applications in one, easily-managed place - allowing you to keep on top of the recruitment process.


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Correspondence & Interviewing ...

Communicate, screen and respond to candidates directly through our online recruitment platform. In addition, our online recruitment platform automates the interview process, allowing you to plan, schedule and book interviews with shortlisted candidates automatically, streamlining an applicant’s movement through the recruitment process. You can also manage candidate acceptance and rejection based on initial questions and requirements.

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Candidate Management ...

Our online recruitment platform takes the heavy lifting out of the candidate management process, compiling all of your job responses and candidates in a simple and easy-to-navigate location, removing the need for you to build a detailed candidate database. Furthermore, you can filter and search for specific candidates, as well as check individual candidate progress, providing you with an all-in-one candidate management solution that meets all of your requirements.

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Reporting ...

With our online recruitment platform, you have complete end-to-end visibility of your recruitment activities, as well as advanced analytics that enable you to determine the performance of your recruitment campaigns. Our reporting functionality allows you to assess the effectiveness of your job advertisements and determine what job boards drive the most activity. Also, you can track candidate applications from submission to completion and clearly evaluate your cost and time per hire.

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What our clients say ...

We use ecruit to hire sales people at all levels. I'm particularly impressed that whether I'm looking for someone to man the phone, or a senior commercial role, these guys deliver.

Nick Smith

Managing Director, Salterns Marina

Ecruit delivered a big response to our campaign (literally 100's of CV's) so I was very thankful that I only had to go through the relevant people after they had filtered most out. Saved me lots of time and hassle, great for busy people.

Tom Eerden

Head of Networks, ClickLabs

To all the team at ecruit - thank you so much all of your help with our campaign. Both of the candidates have settled in really well, and we will let you know as soon as we need more!

Sarah Jeffs