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Fixed Cost Recruitment for Retail Jobs.

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The retail industry is rapidly changing. Due to the shift to digital, mobile technology and the growth of ecommerce, consumers can now buy the products they need wherever, whenever.

Of course, while this means more profit for retailers, it also presents more challenges. Retailers are looking for more than just temporary staff to manage peak demand, they want long-term staff to help drive business growth, support ecommerce operations, and prepare the business for the future. And, of course, customer service skills are still essential whether your staff our engaging with consumers online or face to face.

As a result, the demand for top retail talent to drive business has increased. Candidates with store management experience are sought after as their skills are easily transferable but, alongside this, retailers are increasingly looking for specialists in visual merchandising, design, data, tech, ecommerce, supply chain management and other roles across the retail operation to help support online and offline retail operations.

In addition, the fluidity in the retail sector has subsided. Retail professionals – from sales assistants to visual merchandisers – are staying in roles for longer intervals, making the talent pool for retailers to recruit from smaller still. .

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Furthermore, due to retail professionals staying in roles for longer, it is becoming harder for candidates to find the right job opportunities in the sector. Sales assistant roles are easy to find, yes, but what about more specialist roles?

You may be an employer looking for the top retail talent, unsure of where to look, or you might be a candidate looking for the right opportunities; either way, we can help.

At ecruit we not only provide fixed cost recruitment for retail jobs, providing a cost-effective solution for retailers to help them find and acquire the best talent, but also help retail professionals to find their ideal opportunities.

For employers, our recruitment process is end-to-end, we’ll optimise your job ad, screen resumes, and shortlist on your behalf (saving you the trouble of reviewing hundreds of thousands of resumes). Our services come at a fraction of that charged by traditional recruitment agencies – 90-95% cheaper – and allow you to get quality candidates at a great price.

For candidates, our job board features some of the most exclusive retail roles on the market, providing you with the best possible opportunities.

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 Rather than spending large portions of your recruitment budget and wade through thousands of resumes, what if you could get the best retail candidates at a great price? At ecruit, we provide fixed cost recruitment for retail jobs, enabling you to get the best retail talent at an affordable rate.




If you are looking for the next step in your retail career but unsure of where to look to find
the best possible roles, we can help.
We advertise some of the most
exclusive retail roles across the industry.



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"Ecruit delivered a big response to our campaign (literally 100's of resumes) so I was very thankful that I only had to go through the relevant people after they had filtered most out. Saved me lots of time and hassle, great for busy people."

Tom Eerden Head of Networks, ClickLabs