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In the days of the brick-and-mortar store, the hiring strategy for retailers focused predominantly on recruiting sales assistants and temporary workers to manage increases in demand around peak periods.

Since then, however, the retail landscape has changed considerably. Due to technological advancements, mobile devices, changes in customer demand, and the growth of ecommerce, retailers are having to reassess their approach to service delivery and at the same time, acquire new staff to help manage all these aspects.

As a result, retailers are no longer just recruiting for sales and management roles, but also for specialist, technical and data-orientated roles.

Retail marketers, data analysts, customer experience managers, and much, much more are increasingly sought after. Subsequently, the whole approach to retail recruitment has changed. What was previously demand-driven is now growth-driven as retailers look to employ more staff on a long-term basis to help drive business growth and succeed in the future.

But finding these new retail job opportunities are difficult, especially if you do not know where to look. The retail industry might be one of the largest employers in the UK, but what if you want more than a sales assistant role?

Fortunately, we can help.

As specialist retail job recruiters, ecruit has access to some of the most exclusive retail job opportunities in the sector. Job boards might be the go-to for your job search, but some of the best roles are advertised offline or via industry-specific boards and professional networks.

However, as we work directly with some of the UK’s top employers in the retail sector, we advertise some of the best roles available - so, no matter what you are looking for, we can help.


Featured Employers

Thanks to our relationships with some of the US top employers in the retail sector, we advertise some of the best and most exclusive retail roles available. Also, as specialist retail job recruiters, we can work together with you to help you find your ideal role. We work with a number of top retailers, including Direct Eyecare, The Orange Square Company, Sim Trava and many more.

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Looking for you next retail job role?

Below you will find just a few of our top retail job roles, exclusive to ecruit. We advertise retail roles across the UK, from entry-level opportunities to senior and director level. As we are specialist retail job recruiters, we offer a range of roles across the retail industry, from merchandising and buying, through to store management, design and technologist roles.


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