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Case Study

Great Southern Constructors

“They always produce the results that we hope for and to boot, the customer service is second to none.  They have some of the best personalities to work with in their business! .”

Dawn Johnson – Project Coordinator

Saved in recruitment costs
Roles Filled
Qualified Candidates Per Role
Simple Process
The Company

Great Southern Constructors are a general contractor that builds retail commercial buildings.

They have over 17 years experience in the construction industry with over 300 successful retail projects completed. 

Great Southern Constructors honors a strong professional commitment in bringing their clients’ plans and visions to reality — with the finest in quality construction and personalized, attentive service.

Great Southern Constructors Logo
The Problem

Great Southern Constructors were spending more than they cared to admit to publish their open positions but it was not yielding any satisfying results. 

They wanted a solution that would save them time and money but also bring in the talent they needed.


The Solution

Great Southern Contractors decided to use the Advertiser package as they felt this was an affordable way to attract candidates. 

This meant they saved money and time by not having to post across all the job boards themselves. 

The Results

After using ecruit for their first campaign, they decided they would never use an alternative recruiting company or job posting again. They have gone on to fill 3 roles already using the advertiser service and stated that the package works perfect for them, providing the results they hoped for each time. 

Each role generated a minimum of 30 qualified candidates that were shortlisted and they interviewed around 6 people for each role. 

When asked if she would recommend ecruit, Dawn responded "I would absolutely recommend ecruit to anyone due to the results that they produce as well as their customer service".

With the typical cost of recruiting at around $5,000, Great Southern Constructors saved over $12,000 with the ecruit Advertiser package.

With a fixed cost of just $749 with no hidden extras and no long-term contracts, this allows Great Southern Constructors the flexibility to hire the best talent while saving time and money.

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Great Southern Constructors Case Study

“My experience has been phenomenal from day one working with ecruit. The package works perfect for us. It produces the results we hope for each time!”