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Low Cost advertising for IT Jobs.

Finding you the best IT candidates for £499

ecruit specialises in providing low cost advertising for IT jobs, ensuring that your adverts are seen by the right candidates. Our team of recruitment experts help you to reduce the time to hire, without compromising on quality.

Ecruit are IT recruitment advertising specialists and offer a fixed cost solution to help you find the best talent for your business at a fair price.

Technology is constantly changing. The rate of advancement has grown significantly in the past decade and modern businesses are embracing these new technologies as a means to drive business productivity and growth.

But with new technology comes the need for talented individuals who understand how to make the most of it.

Acquiring the right talent for these newly emerging positions in tech can be challenging, particularly if you need to recruit quickly for multiple positions, or have limited recruitment spend. This is where our fixed cost recruitment for IT jobs can give your recruitment campaign the edge.

How ecruit works



Our recruitment specialists will craft
a professional and optimised advert
to your requirements, within an hour of signing up.



We post your advert on the best job boards for the IT industry, including Reed, Monster, Indeed and many more.



Your dedicated account manager will review and flag the best applications for
you to shortlist within our user-friendly
Applicant Tracking System.

Pricing and Packages

Managing the process on your behalf means we can reduce your expenditure on the recruitment process as a whole, minimising the amount of time you have to spend on ad creation, distribution and CV screening. A key benefit of our bespoke low cost advertising packages for IT jobs is that you can hire as many people as you like from a single ad!

ecruit allows you to spend more time interviewing high-quality, hand-picked candidates, reducing your cost per hire and delivering exceptional ROI. 

For one fixed fee, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager to support you through the process, and given access to our user-friendly Applicant Tracking System to watch the applications come in.

In addition to job board advertising, ecruit’s specialist team can target passive IT talent on LinkedIn with a bespoke Headhunter Package.


our clients

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No agency fees

We can guarantee significant exposure into the IT job marketplace through our cost-effective and low-cost advertising solutions, helping our clients to find the best IT talent.

Top UK job boards

We post our client’s job adverts on the top UK job boards for IT, including Reed, Indeed, Total Jobs and Monster. 

LinkedIn Advertising

We are the only fixed-fee recruiter that can post premium IT jobs onto LinkedIn with our Advertiser Plus Campaigns, allowing our clients to target additional high-quality candidates who may or may not be actively searching for a new IT opportunity.

Specialist Recruitment Expertise

Our team of in-house recruitment experts review and optimise each job advert to ensure that they are delivered to and targeting the right audience, increasing job response rate and ROI for our clients. We also review every application by hand, discarding all unsuitable or irrelevant applications.

Where we advertise

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Make hires quickly without compromising on quality…

Our low cost advertising service for IT jobs means that you can focus on creating a thorough interview process to find the best fit for your company, while our recruitment experts sift through the applications and flag the top candidates.

As well as reducing your time spent screening candidates we also target a bespoke combination of job boards for your industry, to ensure that your ad gets seen by the right candidates. 

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What our clients say ...

“I started managing sales recruitment for UENI in August, at which time we already had a package in place with Ecruit.
I was impressed by the efficiency and flexibility of Ecruit and our rep Nina in particular, we've previously used many major job-boards
but having one channel for everything helps us manage candidates far better."


“My feedback would be of a very positive one Nina, it’s the first time we have used your service, it was very user friendly especially for an IT phobe like me
I was able to access all the candidate information I needed and manage it myself from there on in and we also had a very good response rate.
I will definitely use ecruit again for any future vacancies we may need help with.”