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Case Study

Oceanic Global

"Ecruit helped us make an informed and intentional decision to select the best candidates for our growing team." 

Cassia Patel – Director of Programs

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The Company

Oceanic Global reminds us of humanity’s original role in earth’s broader ecosystems and guides us in restoring equilibrium to our blue planet. Their core pillars of focus are designed to deepen humanity’s connection to the ocean as the lifeblood of the earth, provide tangible solutions for resilience, and create a blueprint for coexisting in harmony with our natural world.

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The Problem

Previously Oceanic Global filled roles based on the best candidate out of a given pool of applicants rather than the best candidate for the position at large.

Screening applications was also incredibly time-consuming for the small team, leading them to reach out for support with their hiring process on a nonprofit budget. Ecruit offered support at reasonable pricing. 

The solution

Oceanic Global tried out the ecruit 360 package to share the application widely on industry-specific job posting boards and target candidates seeking to fill leadership roles.

It also helped them target passive and active candidates, which the 360 solution is ideal for!  

The Results

Oceanic Global has since filled two roles using our 360 solution for a Community Coordinator and Director of the Industry Solutions Program.

In a short space of time, the team at Oceanic Global shortlisted 14 candidates for the Director role, from which 10 were interviewed. While for the Community Coordinator role, 27 candidates were shortlisted, of which we interviewed 18.      

Their experience with ecruit yielded them two new hires and a massive cost saving on recruitment fees. They share that "ecruit helped us make an informed and intentional decision to select the best candidates for our growing team."       

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Oceanic Global Case Study

"The ecruit team has been professional, organized, responsive and efficient in helping us find ideal candidates for our job postings."