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Low Cost Advertising for Retail Jobs.

Recruit the best retail talent with our fixed cost recruitment service

The retail industry is rapidly changing. Due to the shift to digital, mobile technology and the growth of ecommerce, consumers can now buy the products they need wherever, whenever.

Of course, while this means more profit for retailers, it also presents more challenges. Retailers are looking for more than just temporary staff to manage peak demand, they want long-term staff to help drive business growth, support ecommerce operations, and prepare the business for the future. And, of course, customer service skills are still essential whether your staff our engaging with consumers online or face to face.

As a result, the demand for top retail talent to drive business has increased. Candidates with store management experience are sought after as their skills are easily transferable but, alongside this, retailers are increasingly looking for specialists in visual merchandising, design, data, tech, ecommerce, supply chain management and other roles across the retail operation to help support online and offline retail operations.

In addition, the fluidity in the retail sector has subsided. Retail professionals – from sales assistants to visual merchandisers – are staying in roles for longer intervals, making the talent pool for retailers to recruit from smaller still.

How ecruit works

Our recruitment process is end-to-end, we’ll optimise your job ad, screen CVs, and shortlist on your behalf (saving you the trouble of reviewing hundreds of thousands of CVs). Our services come at a fraction of that charged by traditional recruitment agencies – 90-95% cheaper – and allow you to get quality candidates at a great price.

Due to the changing retail landscape, the collusion of both online and offline channels, and the ever-increasing demand for products, retailers are having to rethink and reimagine their approach to account for shifts in customer behavior.

The store is no longer the sole point of sale; digital mediums are increasingly used in the purchase process and, as a result, brick-and-mortar retailers are altering their operations to cater to both online and offline customers to create a seamless retail experience.

And as eCommerce continues to grow, retailers are not only having to alter their approach to cater for consumer behavior, but also their recruitment and staffing strategy to ensure their workforce is prepared to deal with the modern customer. In this process, retailers are acquiring in-store staff with technological expertise and experience, as well as specialist staff with technical, digital or scientific skills to help manage, analyse, develop and improve the online and offline retail experience.

But finding the right people for these roles, those who do not want a “short-term gig” in retail and have the qualifications your business needs for the digital future - is difficult. There is no shortage of candidates, but finding the right candidates to fit into your long-term recruitment strategy is not easy.

You might be in this position, but we can help.

At ecruit, we provide low cost advertising for retail jobs and our recruitment experts can help you to get the right retail professionals for your business. We know that you have specific, specialist roles that you need to recruit for to help drive your retail operation - and we know that you receive hundreds of unsuitable applicants. We can manage that process for you and ensure you only get the right people.

We know exactly where and how to advertise your job adverts to ensure they are seen by the right people and at the right time. With ecruit, you get end-to-end candidate acquisition and management, all at a fraction of the price charged by traditional recruitment agencies. Recruit the best retail talent for your business with ecruit.


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No agency fees

You only pay one price per campaign and you can hire as many candidates as you like from it. No additional or hidden fees, ever.

UK top job boards

Our low cost advertising for retail jobs gives you access to all of the UK's leading job boards, as well as retail-specific job boards. We buy our advertising placements on these boards in bulk and pass massive discounts onto you. We know where and how to promote your job adverts to ensure you get the right candidate responses.

LinkedIn advertising

We are the only fixed-fee recruiter that will post jobs on to LinkedIn. Also, for an additional fee, we can target specific candidates/audiences on LinkedIn and advertise your job role to them, allowing you to engage with the specific candidates you are looking for.

Specialist retail recruitment expertise

Tell us what you need and we’ll build you a campaign that will deliver results. Our retail recruitment experts will help to match your business with the best talent, review resumes on your behalf, and provide you with a shortlist of candidates for review.


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Acquire top retail talent at a cost-effective rate and support your business ...

Avoid the huge fees associated with typical recruitment agencies. ecruit’s low cost advertising for retail jobs is a cost-effective solution that enables you to get the right retail talent for your business, as and when you need it.

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“To all the team at ecruit – thank you so much for your help. We are delighted to have offered a candidate from your pool a role today, which they have accepted!”