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Hiring Masterclass Part 3: Selecting The Best Candidate


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Hiring Masterclass Part 3: Selecting The Best Candidate ...

You've met with several candidates for your job role and are now at the exciting stage of selecting the best candidate for the job. The key question is now, how do you make the best decision for your company after interviewing multiple candidates who showed a variety of skills, experience, and expertise that are crucial for the role? In part 3 of our Hiring Masterclass Blog Series, we look at a few pointers that can help guide you when selecting the best candidate!

Key Takeaways


  1. Your company culture can help you make your decision on candidate selection
  2. Consider scene-based scenarios and questions when selecting your candidate, who would handle a situation or task better?
  3. Using solutions like the Myers-Briggs tests can also help you make the right decision when evaluating a personality fit for your team.  

At the beginning of this blog series, we shared some tips for attracting candidates, where company culture stood out as a key factor that candidates look for when exploring job opportunities. To help us expand on the topic of candidate selection, we spoke to ecruit Founder and experienced Recruitment Specialist - Ben De Grouchy, who shared his top 3 considerations for selecting the best candidate. 

First on the list is organizational culture, a topic that has generated a lot of conversation in recent years and now, more than ever before - as Millennials and Generation Z (aka Gen Z ) fill more spaces in the workforce.  


1. Organisational Culture, how it can help determine your decision

While all organizational cultures will differ, the fundamentals of all company cultures underpin the team's values and help drive the goals of a company. Understanding your own company culture as a hiring manager is a great benefit in helping you ask questions to your candidates when looking to make a final decision. When you have a clear understanding of your company culture, you will ask the right questions to tease out the values a candidate believes in and evaluate the fit and potential benefits the candidate can add to your company culture.

"Organizational culture is the collection of values, expectations, and practices that guide and inform the actions of all team members."

Source: www.achievers.com

2. Technical Skills and Know-how

Weighing up your decision based on a candidate's technical skills and know-how about the job can be a quick and defining factor in your candidate selection. However, when you are faced with more than one candidate showing exceptional skills, you can use set scenario-based questioning around this to get examples of where they have successfully hit the mark. Thereby giving you another level of vetting, from which you can analyze and determine your decision.

3. Team Fit & Attitude

While keeping the company's culture in mind, take a moment to think about your prospective candidate's personality and attitude throughout the recruitment stages. From the first engagement to the last, ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you think their personality and attitude will be beneficial to your team or company? 
  • How have they responded to challenging questions or tasks? 
  • What positive character trait(s) will they add to the team or company?
  • What can the existing team learn or benefit from the new hire? 

Ultimately, you need to ensure that whomever you choose as your best candidate for the role is also a good fit for your team. Thus, using solutions like the Myers-Briggs Test can also help you make the right decision when evaluating a personality fit for your team.  

Stay connected for the last part of this blog series where in Part 4, we will reflect on each installment’s highlights. And discuss best practices for the successful onboarding of your new hire!

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