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The Search for Talent


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The Search for Talent Passive candidates

Passive talent (people that are not actively looking for jobs) can be rich with experience and specific skills, often making them the ideal candidate. Engaging with a passive candidate is a delicate dance that requires more thought and grace than the standard recruiting procedure. It’s time to freshen up your approach to attract these golden candidates.

How can you catch the eye of people who aren’t even looking?? We’ve broken down the best attraction techniques into three key elements:

1. Online: Think long term when it comes to the material you’re sharing. Focus on building the talent you would want to have and what they would be drawn in by. Marketing material such as blogs need to be sending the message across as to why people should join your company and what they’re missing out on by being with competitors. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn have been extremely helpful for recruiters, so use this tool to follow and engage with targeted talent so they know they’re only a click away from joining your team.

Job ads are also key – write something that will get you noticed. With the amount of competition around, you need to make sure that you’re writing ads that directly target pain points that passive candidates may have in their current work. This way your role offers a solution and a new opportunity they didn’t know they needed.


2. You: How you communicate and come across is crucial. You need to be transparent – share insights into how the company culture and atmosphere is like, and draw in candidates with the human aspect of your business. When you’re communicating with a candidate, always show enthusiasm and passion. Make it clear to them exactly why your company wins because at the end of the day people are attracted to a sense of fulfilment and purpose more than anything else. While you’re searching for the perfect candidate, your network will grow and it’s important to not break trust with people you’ve connected with.



3. Employees: Keep in mind that talent attracts talent- who you hire know affects who you’ll hire throughout the life of the company. When recruiting, always think long term. Don’t hire someone just because of their availability and your time limit. Take your time- who you hire affects the whole culture of the company making it the difference between you and your competition. If you hire talent from the get-go, you have confidence in them and in their network, giving you the opportunity to have your employees to recruit for you. Set up a referral scheme and have them reach out multiplying your exposure without much effort except for providing an excellent company culture.


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