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Low Cost Advertising for Construction Jobs

Recruit the best construction talent with our fixed cost recruitment service


Construction can be a difficult sector to recruit for with a skills gap and talent shortage ensuring companies are competing for the very best talent. Ecruit offers a cost-effective construction recruitment solution that will enable you to attract the best construction candidates at a low, fixed price.

How ecruit works

At ecruit, we provide specialist fixed-cost recruitment for construction jobs. We understand the difficulty construction firms have when trying to find the top talent at an affordable price, which is why we offer our services at a fraction of the price charged by traditional recruitment agencies. Our fixed cost recruitment for construction jobs is 90-95% cheaper than traditional recruitment and allows you to get top quality candidates at a great price.

Construction firms need to be more strategic in how the recruit top talent with the supply of quality construction candidates shrinking and demand increasing. Finding qualified and experience candidates can be difficult but hiring the right staff is essential to help your business grow.

With our low-cost advertising for construction jobs, we can help you attract the top construction talent while saving you a huge amount of time and money. Our services are 90-95% cheaper than a traditional recruitment agency while we still manage the bulk of the process from writing an optimised job description, listing across all the job boards, and manually filtering the best candidates for you.


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No agency fees

You only ever pay one price per campaign and you can hire as many candidates as you like from it. No additional or hidden fees, ever.

US top job boards

We advertise on all of the USA's leading job boards, including construction-specific job boards. We buy our advertising placements on these boards in bulk, allowing us to pass massive discounts on to you. We know where and how to promote your job adverts on these channels to get the right candidate responses.

LinkedIn Advertising

ecruit is the only fixed-fee recruiter that will post jobs on to LinkedIn. For an additional fee, we can target specific candidates on LinkedIn and advertise your job role to them.

Specialist Recruitment Expertise

We can create a campaign to suit your needs and match you with the best talent available. Our specialist recruiters will target the right audience based on your requirements, and manually review every application so you don’t have to.

Where we advertise

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Attract high-quality candidates while reducing time to hire...

Our low cost advertising for construction jobs comes at a fraction of the cost charged by traditional recruitment agencies. Our in-house experts know how to optimise your job advert and where to place it to deliver the best candidate responses. With ecruit, you have a streamlined recruitment process that will deliver you with high-quality candidates in no time at all.

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What our clients say ...

“We were very satisfied with ecruit’s services. We had a great experience with our campaign manager, whom was very helpful and it was easy to use our candidate management portal!”

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