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How To Create Purpose in Your Business


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How To Create Purpose in Your Business ...

Creating a sense of purpose is an important part of your overall strategy. In this article we look at how you can instil that purpose in your employees and what benefits can it bring.

Key Takeaways



  1. Having a sense of purpose is important for individuals and organisations
  2. Connecting individual purpose with that of the company can bring a number of benefits
  3. Ensuring your company has a clear purpose can lead to a more engaged workforce

The Role of Purpose in Your Business

By creating a sense of purpose or a shared goal in your organisation, you are helping to create a sense of belonging. If everyone is working towards that shared goal, then there is clear motivation, and your employees will be more engaged.

The Benefits of Purpose

Having more engaged employees through creating a sense of purpose means you a more likely to keep hold on your staff for longer. Engaged employees will also be more productive meaning your business will see improved growth. Ensuring your company has a sense of purpose will encourage your teams to find their own sense of purpose which can help with them with their work and personal life.

Having a clear purpose can also help you attract the best talent as candidates are attracted to companies who have a clear mission and values.

How To Create Purpose

Clearly there are several benefits of focusing on purpose in your organisation but how exactly can you help your employees find that sense of purpose? Firstly, you need to ensure that the company has a clear purpose. Consider your overall company values and what your targets and goals are. These don’t have to be financial targets but think about the wider impact your business has on society. At ecruit, we focus on the idea of bringing the best candidates and companies together which we know will bring growth to each company we work with. Our team are passionate about saving companies wasted money on recruitment and placing the best possible talent and helping each company grow. So, we are not just selling a job advert or a head-hunter service, we are contributing to growing the economy and helping business thrive.

Your employees should be involved in creating that vision and colleagues should share individual goals to help provide motivation. Each employee should try to create a long-term plan and then see how the individual plan fits into the overall company purpose.

Attract & Retain Top Talent

If you have defined your purpose and want to attract the best talent to help you achieve your goals, then ecruit can help. Our low-cost, fixed price solution can help you hire the best for less through our range of job advertising and head-hunter services.

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